21 // Italy // Graphic Designer
Love cooking and running
Now living in Manchester

  • Slide to Unlock.

    Evan Roth, Multi-Touch Painting Series, 2014.

    Absolutely clever.

  • Video trailer of the XiX edition of the medieval reenactment we host in my hometown Corridonia called “La Contesa della Margutta”.

    As part of the organizing committee I had a little role in it as well. Can you spot me? :D

    I’m so excited, can’t wait for it to start! 28 August-7 September 2014

  • Inspirational quote of the day. Working hard on my dissertation, still so much to do but feel positive!

  • 27-06-2014, MFF final exhibition

  • Final poster designs for the CULT section of Macerata Film Festival

  • Final poster for the MFF (Macerata Film Festival) brief.

    We’ve been asked to realize a poster for this hypothetical film festival to be held in our city. We were absolutely free to choose our approach to the brief, the only indication we were given was to create a strong visual.

    I chose to use a basic color palette and simple yet structured layout, in contrast with the roundness and fluidity of the film.

  • Me and GiaRox caught by some lettering madness #handlettering #handdrawn #typography #graphic #graphicdesign

  • atlasofprejudice:

    20 ways to slice the European continent from Atlas of Prejudice 2 by Yanko Tsvetkov.

    Incredibly funny but yet so serious reflection about prejudice.

    Just got the Kindle version of the related book Essays of Prejudice, really worth reading.

  • Smoothie way of life! 🍓🍌 Andd i also see some graphic potential here…good morninggg may it be a productive day! 🙏 #goodmorning #smoothie #healthy #breakfast #graphic #graphicdesign

  • Gift for my mum for Mother’s Day is finally ready: hand drawn lettering printed and pressed on a t-shirt. These are my first attempts with hand drawn lettering but I can say I’m really pleased with the result! Aaand hand crafted gifts made with love are always the best gifts!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all mums in the world! You’re special!